We provide our services on a monthly or project basis. Monthly cost per experiment:

Our crop production modules, which are completely isolated from environmental factors, allow us to simulate the weather conditions that the customer wants: to compare different cultivation technologies in a so-called A / B test.

For farmers

For greenhouse and outdoor growers too!
300 EUR Monthly
  • Differences between plant varieties (yield averages, growth virtue) Reactions of some varieties to different stress factors.

  • Composition of nutrient media for a given species and / or phenophase.

  • Effect of different lighting solutions on average yield in indoor cultivation.

  • Simulation of diverse climatic conditions to determine how certain varieties respond to conditions that are not necessarily favorable to them


For providers

For the best partners of modern farmers
Custom Pricing
  • Want to prove to your customers that your technology is better than your competition?

  • Do you have trouble convincing potential customers to choose your product?

  • Thanks to Growberry, you can substantiate your claims with specific measurement data and experimental results. Concrete results prove that the product means higher yields and better contents

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