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Our mission

To provide our customers with crop production services that can help them to make significant improvements to the quality of their crops or to save money on their farming.

Our services

Here are some examples of recent successful projects:

In the case of new propagation material, testing of trial yields and inputs

Yield maximization under specific circumstances

Optimization of useful vegetable raw materials (eg essential oil content)

Comparison of nutrient media with respect to effects on the particular plant

Validation of different light sources and settings for a given plant variety

Expected results

Habanero chili peppers

1 %
lower cycle time
1 %
higher average capsaicin content
1 %
lower cost

Our technology

  • Self-developed controlled crop production chambers
  • Monitoring of botanically relevant factors
  • Remote access and data collection
  • Comprehensive analysis of cultivated plants in their own laboratories

Our research results

Fresh smoothie every morning?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Let’s rewrite what we knew so far about crop production. That it’s weather dependent thus vegetables and fruit are seasonal, tehy can hardly be influenced


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